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By | June 4, 2019

Its app hides the WhatsApp images and videos from the gallery.
Now you can see photos and videos of your camera for everyone.
It doesn’t make any photos or videos. It exists for the gallery or other app for picture viewer.
You have access to your photos / videos via file explorer, even if it is hidden.
It also says new photos or videos from WhatsApp.
It does not read your WhatsApp messages or your personal information.
So you can use this application for free.

If you delete the app, make sure your images and videos are displayed in genre status.
This app is in beta, reporting all bugs, feedback or issues to Notion Digital.

Lock image – Hide images, privately safe
Keep your pictures safe and secure with Image Locker. Image locker is the easiest and safest way to create a safe place on your device to store and protect your personal / important images. There are exhibitions in your personal gallery where you can save the most saved image and check that friends using your phone do not see your personal photos and locate them in your gallery.


  • Access to a protected pen code / paper pattern.
  • Create images directly from your typical gallery
  • Cache / SD of your device for import and export.
  • See the table to reduce your photos more quickly.
  • Do not hinder any unrivaled pictures.
  • Multiple images to import hundreds of images hard.
  • Easy to take away with only a loss.
  • Enter an email-based password
  • Optimized for HD tablets.
  • This doesn’t appear in the recent list of applications.
  • Automatically leave the device sleep mode.
  • complex interface for lots of experience.
  • Add images directly to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more.
  • You can hide your picture
  • Images on the sides
  • Set a cover image on your record
  • A substantial interface design makes your app more active
  • Set a topic according to your feel
  • Play Google’s favorite students
Image Locker - Hide photos , Private Photo Vault

Frequently asked questions:
Q. Where will my pictures follow me?
A: Your pictures “sdcard / imagelocker_UnLocked_pic” are positioned.
Q. How do I change my password?
A: Add the ‘Settings’ search engine to enable you to change your code code / pattern.
Q. Are the hidden pictures stored online?
A: No. Your images will only be stored on your device. We don’t have access to your images.
Question: What image forms are supported by Image Locker?
A: Image boxes support all large image formats, including JPEG, jpg, tiff, png, jpg and BMP.

Image, video
The best hidden app to hide Play Play Store video.
This app keeps your photos / videos safe and private with a photo and a video locker.
By sharing the image, the video is the easiest and safest way to create a safe place on your device to protect and protect your personal / important photos and videos.
photo and video Your chats are your personal gallery where you can store your favorite photos and movies and allow friends who use your phone to view photos / videos in your gallery.

Most important features:
$ Password with PIN (zip code)
$ Add photos / videos directly from your regular gallery
$ Hide photo, video on SD card
See $ Album to take your photos / videos.
$ There are no restrictions limited to unused photos / videos.
$ Interactive interface for good information.
$ Screenshots / decided photos directly on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
$ There is no waitress to hide a photo and video
All files are encrypted
Save the best $ app to close your images and videos
$ You can hide your photo / video

How it works:

  • Enter a pin code (access code) to open the app.
  • Press the button in the application button to take and manage photos / videos.
  • Photos / import / export videos from your phone / SD phone.
  • Select the photos / videos that you want to save. (Authorization of different elections)

Let’s go down, hide Photo now, use app app.

Send us an e-mail if you do not support your device, we do our best to help you.

Photo Lock App – Keep images and videos
Photo Lock App is free to hide unparalleled photos and videos. Do you really want your personal life to be personal? Keep your gallery hidden and don’t worry if you give your smartphone your friend and family when you install the photo lock app on your phone.

Main functions

Hide Hide Images and Videos: Your files are stored in trust and can only be viewed to a code or numeric pin number entered.

☆ Safe Browser: Browse the Internet with a secure browser and even photos and videos that are secretly stored in this app. You can even request your favorite websites for easy access.

☆ App Lock: Powerful Lock App system to combine private and social apps with the AppLock Fingerprint for compatible devices.

Image Private Photo Vault

Higher features

► Part to hide
You can hide photos and videos directly through a phone or SD card by sharing with the Photo Lock app.

► False safe
Create a game with another password for storing fake pictures and videos.

► Stealth approach (replace app icon)
The app app app icon magically disappears and is replaced by a hidden icon, for example news, weather, radio, and so on. .

► Fake cover
Hide your apps-closed screen to prevent you from saving your password. A fingerprint scanner and a simulated closed dialog hide the real lock screen.

► Own intervention
Automatically it makes selfie invader than when someone breaks your privacy by giving you an incorrect password or pattern.

► Built-in Image Viewer and Video Player
Support Built Image Viewer to view photos and slideshow with transfer effects.
Assistant video player to play a video with a media player installed on your phone.

► Remove the definition
Preventing the Photo Lock App from children or strangers.
This app uses the permission of the apartment reference.

This app uses an accessibility service.

Quickly let down
Atharrachadh Change PIN quickly, go to Tab Settings and click Change password.
You When you have lost photographs and video options, the image will change into the image scale of your media as required.
Have to login to add a translation. \ T
Ike icon used to lock color screen screen to prevent you from continuing further.

——— Common questions ——–

Q: If I delete the app, can I retrieve my photos when I sign the app?
A: These tabs cannot be reinstalled. Please make sure you block and save your hidden files before deleting this app.

Q: Why did I get my phone or broken?
A: Your files will only be stored on your device and not online.

Q: Can I get my media from this photograph and the Locker video?
A: Yes, you can easily export photos and videos using tune steps

A: Photographs and videos were stored or stored separately?
A: You can include the photos you have uploaded and edit videos during the holidays in this app.

Q: If I forgot my password?
A: If you forget your password, you can retrieve your password by registering your registered email ID and getting this application by clicking on a password forgotten track along the pathway.

Photo Locker

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